Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Facebook: Will you be my friend?

It's this kindergarten aspect of Facebook that is also crucial to it's success. You look around at people's friends, remember some people you like, think of celebrities even, and then ask them: 'Will you be my friend?' And let's admit it, if you're a teenage girl and the message reads: "Ryk Neethling and Bimby Lavigne are now friends,' well, if you're Bimby, that's a thrill.

Imagine the thrill if you're a guy, and your message read. 'Paris Hilton and [fill in your name here] are now friends.' Now don't pretend you wouldn't care, or that Paris isn't worth knowing (on Facebook). It's incredible how celebrities and ordinary folks can meet and chat in this...fairly safe venue. Hugh Grant might not agree, but plenty of not-quite-so-important celebrities would.

Beautiful young girls who are busy with...well...whatever they are busy with...can compare popularity and assess their popwer from the safety of their own homes.

And someone like little ol' me can get in touch with an animator I heard on the radio...

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