Friday, March 28, 2008

Billiton fires Standard Bank for ‘reckless talk’

GLOBAL resources giant BHP Billiton has decided to terminate R2,4bn worth of annual business with Standard Bank after a top bank executive suggested at a recent high-level business and government meeting that Billiton’s Hillside aluminium smelter be shut down to save electricity.

by Charlotte Mathews


NVDL: What do they say? Loose lips sink ships. I personally have a problem where someone inadvertently says something which happens to be 1) true and 2) common sense. It's like, let's all pretend the obvious isn't obvious. Case in point is Alan Greenspan referring to the war in Iraq being essentially a war for oil. God forbid he said that when he was still working at the Fed. I mean everyone knows it's true, but God forbid you actually say it. How does that make any sense? I suppose the answer is that when you vocalise it, someone realises they are going to be in trouble, going to be exposed and possibly bankrupted for bullshitting the masses. Trouble is, the masses don't get involved - they're complacent. It's the people who get 'busted' for stating the obvious who should be heroes, not punished for being 'indiscreet'.

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