Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big Breakthrough for Bafana

I stumbled on the game between Paraguay and Bafana in about the 50th minute. At that stage Bafana were 2-0 ahead. They scored again to win 3-0, but the score could just as easily have been 5-0 or better.

Bafana danced around the South Americans, playing strategically, maintaining possession, and obviously the skill was all there to follow through and dominate. And they did. Benni McCarthy scored, and so did a promising Free State Star player, Tshabalala, but the best goal was from Surprise Moriri - a cracker that even had the Paraguayian defender involuntarily getting out of the way.

I've tried not to watch a few Bafana games but this one impressed. The guys also look fit, and the Adidas uniforms make them look like champions. Remember, Bafana once beat Brazil, so the potential was always there. So hopefully this win takes them out of the 70's world rankings. They need to be in the top 40 in six months.

Let's hope this is the moment, this is the turning point. Coach Perriera has told everyone to SHUT UP, and somewhat cryptically (or was that just broken English) he said on TV last night: "You can't jump nature." I think he meant you need to progress step-by-step, building a foundation, to grow strong. And now that they are stronger and starting to win, let's put in a few token white players,- 2 should do it ja? - just to keep things interesting (and maybe make it slightly harder ;-)

Bafana on the rampage

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