Friday, February 29, 2008

UFS: What The Blogs Are saying

The widespread release of a video by a spurned girlfriend has thrown a lot of dirt ((some word use another word)on the South African flag. Here’s what some of the local blogs have to say about the issue.

The Bruin Development Forum writes that the disturbing video made by white Afrikaans male students at UFS opens up a sore wound, a wound that has been festering for some time. Their view is that it is just the ‘tip of an iceberg’, and that the racism of Afrikaners towards other Afrikaners (whatever their skin color) must be completely and utterly eradicated. The writer does not say how.

Another blogger, Reggie, calls the video ‘sick’ and ‘nauseating’. Reggie writes: ‘What is needed is a deeper questioning of the violent culture that pervades our entertainment, our lifestyles and our social interaction.’

A blog calling itself Entropy goes even further: ‘I always thought the Free State was a strange place inhabited by weird people. That suspicion is now confirmed.’ Entropy feels that race relations have been set back 20 years.
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On a blog called Hottest Gossip , the video receives 53 responses. Comments range from disgust, to one person, Bernice saying:'I am ashamed to be South African.’ Frenchgal writes that Afrikaners are ‘the worst people on Earth.’

More comments:
Miguel: ‘Apartheid is not over yet.’
Tmo writes: ‘Well this just a sad reality in SA , it shows that apartheid may be over on the papers but not on people’s mind!!! last month a white boy in joburg went to a township and shot black people with no apparent reasons’.
Trixy: ‘All this crap and 2010 round the corner………!!’

Sadly a lot of the racism in the video appears to incite even more deep seated racism. Clearly a lot of South Africans are still unhappy about race wherever they may be in the country. Interestingly though, the topic has not really caught fire on the blogs. The hottest topic on the blogs right now is ‘Johannesburg’ (blogs about Paul van Dyk, Arno Carstens and Celine Dion) and then ‘genre’.

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