Wednesday, February 27, 2008

UFS cancels all classes

Bloemfontein - The University of the Free State (UFS) cancelled all classes on Wednesday afternoon after a protest march by hundreds of staff and students
against a racial video made last year by white students.
UFS spokesperson Anton Fisher said all student classes were suspended after the protest march.
"It's to calm the situation on campus."

Go here for more.

NVDL: every student can't go to class, even those who don't care about toilets, cakes and Reitz. This means the minority involved in these streke get even more attention. Sorry, I'm not sure if cancelling class was the solution.

That said, when I attended English some lecturers seldom turned up, and the English Department itself was shockingly dysfunctional. I even started a grievance procedure and their response was to attack my blog for saying what I'd experienced [search 'Raftery']. Even they violated their own grievance procedures!!! Crazy! Guess everyone is going to skrik wakker now that everyone is watching. Lekker.

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