Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trevor - Invest in Railways

The roads are deteriorating but you know what? If I was Trevor I would invest the bare minimum in road and highway upkeep. They don't have a future anyway. I would instead make massive investments into railways. Imagine making the trip from JHB to Cape Town on a TGV type train travelling 300km/h. Theoretically one could make the trip in 4 hours.

Right now driving to Bloem and back (from Johannesburg) already costs around R1000. R300 petrol one way, R100 toll gates, plus chowing on the the way. X2. One person driving in a car - anywhere - is a phenomenal waste of energy. We just can't afford to be burning up non-renewables as though they were renewable. It's crazy. Next month petrol will go up about 40 cents (maybe more...overnight oil touched on $100 again -get used to it!).

I'd also invest in streetcars; that is above ground, electric trains (think San Francisco (and Cape Town once upon a time). Munich also has them, as do a number of other European metropoles. London should try to resuscitate what remains of their tram systems.

Train travel is actually a beautiful and relaxing experience. It's sophisticated travel; just ask the French and the Japanese. The good news is, Transnet is doing a lot to restructure itself. I know this because I see a lot of recruitment ads, and Ramos had stated this is the intention. [Standing ovation].

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