Thursday, February 28, 2008

Students Strike Back

They have hired their own legal team and want a list of allegations... Here's one: bringing the men's hostel, the university, Bloem, Afrikaaners and South Africa into disrepute.

I do think their fiery stance says something important though. Before we condemn we need to be clear on exactly what the facts are and exactly what was happened. It may well be that play-acting was involved. If this was the case, those who shouted the loudest and howled in protest might be guilty of...well, jumping a gun. Inciting unnecessarily. The media, are you listening? Even so, this is still very damaging and comes at a difficult time, a stressful time for a lot of South Africans. It feels like a throwback to the old black white bullshit.

Is having a sick sense of humor a jailable offence?

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