Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Senseless in SA: Now on OHMYNEWS Top 10

My article Where's the Sense in South Africa? posted on OHMYNEWS has already made their Weekly Top 10 ranking (currently 9th) after being up for just two days. There have been a few comments and personal messages sent in response to the article.

On Amatomu (the South African aggregator) seems like South Africans in South Africa aren't particularly interested in the idea of waking up to reality, or doing anything about it. My website has also fallen off their News&Politics Top 30. I guess I'm not relevant?

On the poll running on my website people say they want to read about my personal life and see my photography. No one is interested in the news. Even Hot Girls gets more votes.

The news I generally post on my website is very very urgent news. But no one cares. Meanwhile the fuel price goes up 50 cents next month, and on this website I've predicted we will see $110 oil by July. When that happens everyone will act so so surprised. How did this happen? KOO KOO! When do we start shifting our focus from what we 'want' to hear about, to reality? It doesn't make any sense.

To read the Ohmynews article, go here.

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