Wednesday, February 20, 2008

OHMYNEWS Story Now Top 3, but traffic is headed elsewhere...

Over the past three days I've seen huge traffic volumes for this site, and it seems to be - in part - because of this story on an international citizen journalism site (OHMYNEWS) moving quickly up their weekly Top 10 rankings.

But while the story quoted above has over 900 views already on Ohmynews, Google Analytics tells a different story. The majority of traffic on this site is local, and the most popular story by far isn't the Ohmynews article, it's no traffic from South Korea or even the USA, it's this story:

Ashley Callie is a human being - so are you

This surge in traffic has lifted NVDL back into the Amatomu Top 30 rankings (now at 28).

What's interesting is "news" can't really compete with personal sentiments and comments after a tragedy like this (the bread and butter of blogs). News moves on, but we don't always, do we. I had a conversation with a colleague - a guy - who said he still felt affected by her death. When something like this happens, we need a catharsis, and especially something potentially relevant to ourselves (like a car accident) and on a vital issue (dying) means more time in thought and discussion. It's important and meaningful that we complete this process.

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