Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Marketing Madness: NVDL sponsors NVDL

This morning I thought I made A BIG mistake getting up at 4:30am to go cycling. A monster in my head shouted, threatened, jumped furiously up and down:

"You are NOT going to get on your bicycle; you're mad - you're FAR too tired."

"I cannot BELIEVE you are even THINKING of doing this! Why? Freaking WHY!"

"Look, it's just not a good idea. You are going to have an IMPOSSIBLE day if you do this. Just go back to bed..."

10 minutes later I was feeling great. I shouldn't have felt good at all since my bike and my butt haven't seen each other for over a week. I've really singlehandedly evolved a new training approach, it's called: Two weeks on, two weeks off, and get fitter! I felt decent on Wednesday's route - the first killer climb was a bit less hard, which probably made the rest more manageable. Still, encouraging. If I go to the Argus - ja, I'm still a bit iffy, this is where I'll stay - it's the spiffy Protea Hotel Colosseum.

Not bad huh.

Ja so I've been lucky enbough to secure a sponsor. There's this edgy website called NVDL - got lots of unconventional views on everything from politics (I know, whatever), but it's also got quite a conscientious take on a lot of other stuff: the environment, community stuff and sport - lekker. Some of it is pretty controversial.

Most of it is fresher and more personal (without being in bad taste) than other stuff on the web. So I now have a NVDL branded helmet and bike frame. The cycling clothes are on the way. Now all I need is the T-shirt!

If you would like to be sponsored by NVDL, leave a comment here. You also get R5000 cash to spend, a new Cervelo frame and a signed handshake.


Time 1:39:55
Distance: 45km
Speed: 27.1km/h (ave) 83.4 km/h (max)
Altitude avg: 1529 m
Tempo: 16C (ave)
Ascent: 475m

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