Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Hulle soek kak vir 'n fight"

I just got off the phone from a buddy in Bloem, and he is disgusted at what a small group of white Afrikaners are doing in Bloem. He says they are looking for trouble, stirring, and all this - the bullshit on the campus - could have been avoided, if they had just sat around a table. Instead they've resorted to barbaric behaviour and dragged the country back into the Apartheid gulag, even if only when we glance at the headlines.

He says the white Afrikaners have overreacted in a big way to the changes happening on campus. They've had absurd demands like wanting their own private parking places.

It's gratifying to hear that an Afrikaans guy can speak so eloquently and passionately - in English - about who South Africans could and should be, because this guy is Afrikaans, a modern Afrikaner who plays in a band.

We both know one of the okes who made the video, a blonde dude orginally from Namibia. When I first heard the video I swore I recognised the voice. Then on the cover of the Star I saw his picture. What's disturbing about this guy, let's call him D, is that there's so much other stuff going on behind the scenes. I met him on a Christian cycle tour, and there's this disconnect between the Mr. Nice Guy (I think he was voted the most ideal man to marry at the end of the tour), the rugby playing Guy's Guy and then The "Fear Factor" Host.

How many of the rest of us are leading double lives like this? To what extent in this country do we pretend to be nice people living in harmony, but we go home to a piggish existence, all grudges and prejudices intact? I'm not only addressing this to the common man, but our political leaders as well.

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