Friday, February 29, 2008

Everything's gonna be all white

I may not be a racist, but what I freely admit - and I know some people are going to be shocked and horrified by this - what I freely admit to being, and as much as freaking possible, is a...CYCLIST ;-)

This morning for some inexplicable universe shattering reason I emerged out of bloggy slumber at 4am. No special reason. I was just wide awake. Funny thing was entropy had gotten the better of me on Thursday night...I got home from work at around 8pm and doing a bike ride, while important, just felt like MORE work.

So when I woke up at 4am with no clothes set out, it was like my bodies own alarm clock had kicked in saying: you may be too lazy to go for a ride, but we (fibres, tissues, brain chemicals) NEED to get out there. The only thing worse than getting up at some god awful hour to go riding not get up. And have to face your loser couldn't-face-the-morning self for the rest of the day at work...

It wasn't all a bed of cycling clothes though. I spent 30 minutes of my impromptu cycle prep incarnated as Hurricane Katrina, trying to unearth my newly purchased newly batterised Heart Rate monitor belt. I failed. Grrrr. But once I stepped out into the morning, cool air washed and invigorated my internet irradiated cells.

What a lovely morning. And somehow no one started moaning about racism. We just rode innocently, little ruby blinks dancing along warm wide roads. At the end of the ride it felt like everything is going to be all white. Waitaminute. I meant to say right. Right.

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