Friday, February 22, 2008

Blacks Only and The Zuma Inquisition

With the Scorpions possibly becoming extinct, could we be next? I was just wondering (worrying?) that if Zuma becomes president, there may very well be a witchhunt, to rid his backyard of meddlesome journos – especially white journos - spoiling his party. Maybe it’s alarmist. But there’s a Blacks Only forum of journalists meeting today I think, and guess who is there addressing them [black] mano e [black] mano?

I can imagine what JZ is saying behind closed doors: Either you're with us...I mean me...or you're with the traitors. The Dark Side (and be CRYSTAL CLEAR by that I mean the not good forces contriving against good ethical standards in journalism and news reporting) are making various moves to own - and thereby censor - freedom of speech in South Africa. You can try. You might have a bit of luck buying corporations. But try trying to buy off the bloggers. Ha! Maybe rather not try.

Meanwhile, editors around the country are united against this travesty of common sense: Editors condemn blacks-only event

Justice Malala also wrote about Zuma’s links to the military (The machine-gun presidency) – these are deep and extensive. Stranger things have happened. What do you think?

For additional background, read: Zuma to address blacks-only forum

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