Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Basic Workshop for Scriptwriters

During the past eight years The Writing Studio has done more than 250 writing workshops throughout South Africa, including a Masterclass for Screenwriters for 40 writers from Africa at the Sithengi Film and TV Market's Talent Campus. The 6-week course (on Saturday afternoons) is hosted by the Cape Film Commission Resource Centre that is sponsored by Waterfront Studios, PGWC and the Dell Foundation.The course is ideal for ANYONE with an idea for a story.

If there is something or someone you want to write about this is your opportunity to turn thoughts into words. Within 6 weeks you will understand the principles of writing for a visual medium and what it takes to be screenwriter. The course is also ideal for novelists who would like to adapt their work into a visual medium, or writers who want to write stageplays. The course will
  1. Turn theory into practise
  2. Turn ideas inside out
  3. Explore the full dramatic or comedic potential of your story
  4. Showcase your talent for writing a captivating story
  5. Sharpen your storytelling skills
  6. Empower you to write a compelling story that will reflect the uniqueness of your culture, history and experience.
  7. Guide you through the writing process
  8. Introduce you to the world of filmmaking
  9. Solve problem areas in your story
  10. Set your imagination free and allow the story to come alive on the page
  11. Allow memorable characters to live out their respective destinies and capture the hearts and imagination of audiences worldwide.
  12. Transform fanciful ideas into fascinating narrative.
  13. Teach you how to read and interpret film.

Saturday, February 9, 16, 23 and March 1, 8 and 15, 2008From 14:00 until 17:00


Resource Centre, Waterfront Studios (former Sasani Studios), 1 Port Road - enter the blue door at the Red brick building at the end of the parking lot and come up the stairs.COSTThe cost is R900. If you are a registered student or scholar, a pensioner, a SABC staff member, the cost of the course is R700.


Since he launched The Writing Studio eight years ago DANIEL DERCKSEN has presented over 200 workshops in scriptwriting and creative writing throughout South Africa. As a published playwright, writer and movie journalist, he is a qualified ETD Practitioner (Education, Training and Development) - accredited by SAQA (The South African Qualifications Authority) - working in accordance with the principles of the Department of Education and focusing on outcomes-based education, training and development, and has been involved in movie journalism for more than 20 years. Read more

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