Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Amazon Kindle: Paper's Future Ends Here

The two biggest publishers in Britain are to offer dozens of likely bestsellers to read on a hand-held screen [called the 'KINDLE' ] this autumn in a sign that, after many false dawns, the electronic “ebook” may finally have arrived.

Random House and Hachette, which together control just over 30% of the British book market, are to offer downloadable versions of titles by authors ranging from Delia Smith to Ian McEwan and Michael Parkinson. Every other major publisher is drawing up plans to follow suit, pitching the books at just below the price of a hardback.


NVDL: A lot of people say there will always be books, always be newspapers. I beg to differ. Well, I won't beg. We simply won't afford to be able to have paper backups for everything we have digitally. I mean that literally. Paper and environmental costs (and pollution) in the future will be too great. The future of reading has arrived. This tablet is as wide as a pencil.

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