Thursday, February 21, 2008

Afrikaners Rampage at UFS Campus in Bloem

At 1am this morning I got a call from my girlfriend in Bloemfontein, saying that lots of shots were fired (presumably rubber bullets) and that roads were engulfed in flames at the UFS campus. Apparently tyres had been set alight. My girlfriend and her brother drove by the campus to investigate, and there was absolute chaos. From what I gathered in my sleep befuddled state, entrances were also on fire (road entrances, not classroom doorways).

Just before she hung my girlfriend said: "Shots are still going off but I don't want you to worry."

9 arrests were made this morning.
This follows increased levels of stress on campus after the HK (Hoof Komittee - Head Committee) was disbanded - an insitution that the university has had since its inception. Many changes have been made in the name of transformation. When I studied English there three years ago some offices were trashed by black students unhappy with the result of elections.

I know a number of students attending classes this year, so will publish on-the-ground updates as I get them. I've also asked J to send me photos through the course of the day so watch this space.

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