Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sukkel Sukkel

I went to Tanz last night with some friends to watch Allan perform. Was a great end to a shockingly bad day. Glad I went.

Got up before 5am to go riding with Alex and the guys. It has been raining - it feels like - for weeks on end. And not just here, everywhere. Streets were wet but the sky held its moisture. Was lovely and cool, if dark at first. I've noticed my muscles have atrophied a lot since my last cycle rides; not just from not riding, but being ill takes whatever is left of one's fitness. So that is quite frustrating.

Anyway I huffed and puffed and struggled up a lot of the climbs. The Argus is just 6 weeks away now. Plenty of pain and suffering is on the cards over the next days and weeks - that's if I'm seriously going to aim for a sub 3.

When I came back from the ride the power was off and my roof leaking: water was dripping off a light fixture onto the couch, and streaming down the door, saking up the carpet. At least the shower was warm. Apparently the power has also been cut off in Bloemfontein this morning. Things aren't looking too bright are they?

I think a great way to deal with these interruptions is to get out and get some exercise. Go jogging, go to gym. The gyms function on backup generators. By the time you're back everything tends to be up and running again.

The sukkel also extends to financials. I think a lot of people will find now that they can't sell their homes, and others that they can't survive a minimum threshold of payments. Even after downscaling. What happens to them? They become economic losers, and this group will become a growing throng of whingers, moaners, and groaners and gnashers of teeth. Alex was telling me that Allan Gray (the asset management company) are finding large volumes of people liquidating unit trusts to meet monthyly payments. Scary. I am going to have to eat less fast food and cook more at home. My food bill each month is ridiculous. Suppose I can also run to work more often.

Whatever we do, I think we're in for a sukkel. Let's grin and bear it.

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