Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Madiba Magic Keeps The Lights On In Houghton

Okay so I live in the neighborhood of Madiba...unfortunately not quite a stone's (a bouquet's?) throw away. I say unfortunately for more than obvious reasons. Some friends of mine live closer and they NEVER EVER experience power failures. I am like 1km away and the lights are off and on so much I sometimes feel I'm in a 24 hour disco. Okay, slight exaggeration. Thing is, whenever I call them they say they're still watching TV and shame, do I want to come for dinner (a nice warm meal with refrigerated refreshments).

Alrighty then. Last night at just such a dinner banquet (regrettably no bouquets for after dinner tossing into Madiba's garden) I asked when DO they ever experience power cuts. Answer: Never.

It's the Madiba Magic. Is Mbeki as magical I wonder?

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