Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Scream

Last night I did the unthinkable. I got up at about 3am, opened the freezer, and started chowing icecream. Now first off, I haven't had icecream in my fridge for yonks. I basically feel like a Jew walking around Germany wearing a Swastika: Ja vol, very uncomfortable. Why? Because my stated intention is to lose weight, do the Ironman, blah de blah, yada yada yada.
I didn't even go to gym yesterday (although I did do some exercises on the carpet - no, not those kind of exercises...)

I'm also holding back on two very gloomy stories. If you think this blog has cornered the market on gloom and doom, the two stories waiting in the dark corridors will probably propel you into a depression. Basically they amount to a probable end game scenario in this country, against the backdrop of world woe. If you read this stuff you might not be able to sleep for a while (I am struggling, as the thought originator). Do you really want to hear this?

If so let me know.


Anonymous said...

No thanks - your epilogue was depressing enough for us
W & M.S.

Nick said...

W and MS - who could you be? I think you made the right choice. I'd hate to be a called to asylums around the country to explain that our insanity is in fact quite normal. To not go a bit mad knowing what we know is...well, nuts.