Sunday, January 13, 2008


The Good

I'm doing the 2008 Ironman. I'll have to start turning down all these invitations to parties and dates that keep rolling in.

The Bad

I'm not supposed to be here right now. I'm supposed to be in Ellisras halfway to Botswana. But [SIGGGHHHH] after taking the landy in on Tuesday to a Landrover dealership they only started working on the thing at 9am Saturday morning - THIS morning - when it was supposed to be ready. So they worked all day and were done by 17:30 today. While I was at the movies watching Alien versus Predator 2 my sister SMS me (around 7pm) that they have turned around because the clutch is still fried. R9000 and lots of time wasted later. Now it looks like they'll only be coming up on Tuesday. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Last night I called X who had forgotten to let me know about the White Trash party (I sort've had too) so I ended up being a major loser and going on my ownsome to watch Amercan Gangster. That kind of made up for the otherwise failure that the evening was turning out to be. It's a damn fine movie, and I think the violence and aggression addressed an aspect of how I was feeling. Ridley Scott renders reality very very well in this flick. It reminds me a bit of Agliotti - Selebi thing. Because Lucas and Richards become buddies in the end. It's like the cops need the criminals to look good, to havea job, and to make a living, and some make a living better than others.

Today there was also a power failure at around 12, and it let up at some time after 2. Moral of the story: run to gym, quit waiting around for the weather to get better.

The Ugly

Northcliff Hill awaits tomorrow morning. But I'm kind've looking forward to it.

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