Monday, January 21, 2008

E is for Argus

My starting time is at 7am, and I'm in Group E. Last year I was in Group C, and I have to admit, they were too strong for me. I'm very happy with E, although I have some work to do still to earn that place. Several visits to Northcliff are definitely on the cards.

I was very aware that spending 5 days in Botswana was not going to help my training (for the Ironman and the Argus), particularly the beer swilling and constant braaiing and biltong gnawing. So I was surprised after my 2km swim last night to find my weight still below 85kg.

I went to gym first thing this morning with Alex. It was quite funny. We started with 10 pullups, I did my usual 10, buit he could barely manage 4 or 6. But he got me back. We did dips in the very last exercise, and he did 6 or 8. Don't think I could manage 1.

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