Friday, January 25, 2008


True story: I went to a DVD store in Norwood and after handing over my credit card for a 20 DVD Rental package, I backed away from the counter to check a section of nearby shelves. Funny thing: the lady in the snakeskin leather jacket was suddenly standing right beside me, keenly observing my interest in the selection. Very friendly.

I went back to the counter, picked up my two DVD's and absently fished in my pockets for my credit card. Not there. Not on the counter either. I checked my pockets again.
"Strange. Where's my credit card?" She gave me a puzzled look. I started to lean over the counter... "Oh, here it is." She slipped her hand against the very back end of the counter and gave it to me.

It occurred to me when I drove away that it was the first time she had ever joined me on the other side of the counter, apparently 'assisting'. What she had obviously done is quickly removed the card from the counter when I turned my back, and then moved quickly away so that I wouldn't suspect that this had happened when I wasn't looking - how could she if she had been standing beside me all this time. Disappointing behaviour.

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