Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Are The Scorpions Too Good To Be Allowed To Exist?

Er...can someone clarify why the Scorpions are being - effectively - shutdown. Is the issue that they are doing a crappy job, or that they are corrupt, or could it be that they are doing their job too well (exposing the Police Comissioner nogal).

So who are these okes calling for the Scorpions to disband? Can we get them all into a big hall, get their statements, and names, and then in a Kristalnacht sort of way, march them straight to jail where they can start off with 200 pushups.

For Background: Scorpions to disband

Incidentally, the image above was taken in Mabuasahube (Botswana). It is the most poisonous scorpion in Southern Africa, and has the cute habit of spraying venom in its victims eyes. I had to get quite close to get this shot ;-)

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