Thursday, December 20, 2007

Under 16 year olds may not rub each other up the 'wrong' way

Good luck implementing this law. It might be more effective to start up 'Jesus Camps' and get the young uns to pledge 'until marriage do I remain a virgin'. Unfortunately, it turns out these sort of pledges delay the birds and bees stuff by a few months, at best. In my case it was for quite a bit longer, but then again, look how great I turned out ;-)

So what to do? Here's my shortlist:

- Ban magazines from the home
- Ban the internet
- Ban trips to the mall
- Ban dating of any kind
- Ban the use of cellphones
- Ban all TV including the news (coverage on the news now includes lascivious coverage)
- Basically put their eyes out

Ja right. This actually reminds me of what it was like being at Grey in the mid to late 80's, when there was a delicious mix of the sacred and profane. At that stage the sacred was ahead, but not for long. Madonna killed that naive hope virtually singlehandedly, Roxette, Kylie and Alanis did their thing in the 90's (some of it was still half innocent), the Spice Girls came and went (and came again) and now Britney and her sister(s) have the baton. Is Jenna Jameson performing yet in music videos (and other porn stars) or is this old news by now?

For more on this, read this witty blog.

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