Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This Gif Works!

So I have been on Phedra Cut for about 3 weeks now. When my buddy who recommended it to me, and gave me some leftover stuff, his wife made an arbitrary comment: 'That stuff is gif (poison)'.

On Sunday I started taking 4 of these at a time, (you start on 2, use them for a week, then go to 3, twice a day etc). My friend says that it's when you're on 4 that the effect really kicks in. I'm sure. When I was only on 2 I was buzzing (avoiding the coffee room in a desperate bid NOT to seem like I was on too much coffee).

On the bike the effect is also pronounced. I've gone up Northcliff a few times, it's a very tough and steep 2km climb. Basically before I was on this stuff my engine conked out at around 169. Now I get my heart rate up to 174. It's a concern, but at the same time, my maximum is about 184, and I historically have a lot of trouble raising my heart rate on the bike. Often I can't get it beyond 164.

The point is this stuff is working. It does help lose weight, and what i like is my stomach doesn't feel tight or bloated after a single meal. I find I spend a LOT of the day sitting, and this just isn't good for metabolism or digestion.

I don't plan on using Phedra Cut forever, but it is at least good to see results. Over the next two to three weeks, with more free time on my hands, I am going to be training a lot. Using 8 tablets a day means I'll probably need another bottle soon. When I've finished that bottle I'm going to stay off the stuff for at least 6 weeks, and maintain training, and see if the weight stays off.

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