Friday, December 07, 2007

Rain On My Parade

All week I have not cycled, citing possible rain. Thus I left it to this morning to say, heck, I'm going out for a ride. What happens? It doesn't rain all week, then the buckets come down today. The last half hour felt like a computer game called: Cycle In The Rain Between Traffic And Avoid Being Killed.

Otherwise it was a nice ride. Had a funny lighthearted chat with a Hungarian chick. We went at a chatty sedate pace, the idea being to have breakfast in Rosebank. On the way to work I saw a rider coming down Glenhove, obviously having joined the other riders for brekkies. But I didn't see myself sitting in soggy cycling clothes, warm up a bit, and then have to ride into the rain again.

This morning was tough because of a chronic lack of sleep. Went to a pub in Bryanston, Tanz or something, to watch Allan play a gig. Was good; also good seeing some familiar faces. Not sure if it is the weird drink-in-a-drink someone bought me before I left, but I have a nasty headache, a sort of prickly pain in my head. This morning I felt like I slept on a slab of rock. Shoulders and neck really hurts. Might be a fluey response, not necessarily a hangover. Or else I sleptwalk into a boxing ring at 2am last night and just don't remember. BBBHHHurrp!

Chatted to someone last night who commented on the the pics of girls I sometimes put on my blog. She said it was 'objectifying' women. I plead guilty. I feel like I am constantly pining for someone, and having someone you care about always far away doesn't help. I suppose my excuse is that I am decorating my pages. I see it as eye candy, but I suppose one could argue it's not as innocent as that. But I'd rather put desirable woman on this site occasionally, rather than desirable lingerie, or desirable automobiles, or Steer's Burger specials.

Tonight I am going on my ownsome to watch The Golden Compass. I'd like to be heading in the right direction from there into the weekend. My Lord - head is throbbing. 3 hours sleep. And with this cozy weather all I want to do iszzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Cycle stats today
Time 1:33
HR ave: 127 (167 nmax)
Temp: 13/23
Speed avg: 24.4km/h

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Chelsea + Shiloh said...

Oh Nick What a lot of ****, to me your not objectifying anything (I guess only u no if that is your intention to or not)

but from a straight girls point of view I like some of your photos of is beauty it a rose, a landscape or a woman...

You & I must have the same taste in what qualifies as beautiful