Friday, December 14, 2007

Quote of the day

"But because you have one life, all the sentences will run concurrently and on top of the life sentence, you get a 20-year-sentence," Maluleke said.

The judge said it was a frustrating reality that the heaviest sentence one could receive in SA was life imprisonment.

From The

NVDL: This is a guy who never killed anyone, but did ruin the lives of a huge bunch of people. He conned his wife, he didn't need to be doing this, and in court blamed everyone, including his victims. It does seem absurd that one man gets a 1000 year sentence. It's like we live in such a criminally nuts country, and the best we can offer them is ongoing accomodation with TV and free meals. Think about it: the punishment for robbing and killing and raping is free food and accomodation for life.

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