Monday, December 10, 2007

Mark of the Beast Here: Chips Introduced In R1bn Project

Chips will be introduced to prevent 'skimming' . This is an act of fraud that has becoming worryingly common - where credit and debit cards are skimmed more than once and thus excessive amounts illegally withdrawn (as happens at tollgates, restaurants etc.) The chip prevents this from happening. The chip will be implemented on all South Africa's cards, estimated at 27 million.

Around 1 million cards are currently in circulation in this country, and the the remainder will be replaced at R15 a shot. Each chip will have a small skull and crossbones printed in the top left hand corner, with the numbers 666 and in small, Verdana Script: 'This is not a drill. Your card has the mark of the beast. Please do not allow the bearer of this card into heaven.'

Christians have reportedly identified a number of hills surrounding shopping malls, and are believed to have started heading towards them. The remainder continue to head for the malls as per usual.

Happy shopping campers ;-)

Source: Financial Mail p23.

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