Monday, December 17, 2007

Long, Dull, Boring, Whacko, Wake Up Weekend

What not to do and what to do to make the most of your holiday break

The good thing about having wasted so much time this weekend is the dissatisfaction serves as a reminder for what not to do when I go on holiday (quite soon). Hence here are the rules:
1) No computer games
2) No sleeping late
3) No promises to go to gym - just go
4) Forget trying to get the pool clean - go and swim somewhere else (it's too late now)
5) Make sure you've made plans with people beforehand. 5 minutes is not sufficient lead up to do a weekend trip
6) Effort - not laziness - will be rewarded
7) No DVD's

And to do:

1) Read
2) Spend time with friends and family
3) Get outside, into a new environment
4) Catch a tan - sunshine is happiness
5) Be active, and put it in an effort. Help out around the house
6) Explore
7) Experience and enjoy (absorb)

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