Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Homer's Scream

Driving up Glenhove road this morning (the busy section just ofter you cross the M1) and heading up to Rosebank, I'm listening to 94.7 and it's about a guy who has suffered massive trauma in a car accident. Even Jerry Mansfield is moved to tears. While he was in a coma his wife died, and his poor children, the eldest just 12, had to deal with their mother's death on their own, going to her funeral whilst their father fought for his life. The dad survived, and while listening to this a white bakkie tried to overtake me. Yup, on Glenhove road in peak hour traffic, and I'm going uphill at 70km/h.

At the Oxford road intersection the bakkie pulls up on my left, so I lower my window. I ask the fella if he's listening to the 94.7 and amazingly he says 'Yes,' and smiles. Seems like a nice friendly oke. I tell him that he's just tried to overtake me on a helluva busy road whilst listening to a guy who punctured his lung and God knows what, lost his wife in a car accident that has permanently devastated his whole family - is it worth it? Is it worth the risk? Because - I tell him - even if you did overtake me, you would still have ended up waiting at this traffic light. Then the traffic light went green and off we went again.

Meanwhile, this morning my corpse rose from the dead at 4:30am for a cycle. I had a dream recently that I was in a car accident, and it's been in the back of my mind, I guess, to be extra vigilant. This morning was misty, and we missed the bunch, so rode hard to try to catch up to them. At one point we reached an intersection, the light just went green for traffic crossing as we approached, and Alex seemed to get the message from the car hovering there that he could go through. I was behind Alex, so I was alert to the fact that it was a bit more iffy for me. So I followed him through, and as I did, another car came around the side of the waiting car at the last moment. I swung out wide but JEEPERS I felt like I'd been drawn into a computer game sting...and a million vaults went through my body.

Today's stats:
Time - 1:38:54
HR: 148/172
Distance: 46km
Average speed: 27.9 (coming down the dip in the last 250m of the ride, going at high speed, a car approached it's driveway...another near miss)
Maximum speed: 77km/h
Temp: 15 min/24 max
Ascent: 525
Kcal: 1570

Ja, I've been playing an awesome computer game which must be good for survival skills and reflexes, but going to bed at 2am and last night after midnight and then getting up at 4:30am...
I feel myself falling asleep - I can hear Homer's yelpy scream every time I do ;-)

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