Sunday, December 16, 2007

From Seek and Destroy to Preserve and Control

Information warfare is a war of decisions and control, a war of knowledge, and a war of intellect. The aim of information warfare will be gradually changed from 'preserving oneself and wiping out the enemy' to 'preserving oneself and controlling the opponent.' Information warfare includes electronic warfare, tactical deception, strategic deterrence, propaganda warfare, psychological warfare, network warfare, and structural sabotage.

"Under today's technological conditions," the summary continues, "the 'all conquering stratagems' of Sun Tzu more than two millennia ago - 'vanquishing the enemy without fighting' and subduing the enemy by 'soft strike' or 'soft destruction' - could finally be truly realized."

The object is to vanquish, conquer, destroy - as deviously and pervasively as possible. - by John Carlin

NVDL: This begs the question - to what extent (at what level) are the media complicit, willing enablers or ignorant of their ability to manipulate the political process?

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