Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Best Blog Post On Crime

Have you ever visited a Police Station? There's an incredible generic sense of lethargy about the place. Have you ever dialled 10111? Remarkably you can dial the number and not get through. Did you know the police force comprises about 150 000 members, whilst private security companies employ around 300 000. How often do you see police vehicles patrolling your neighborhood? Unfortunately, even with effective policing there is not a system in place to process that huge population of criminals that would result (500 000 by some standards). And if there was a system, there would be nowhere to put them. Our current overcrowded prisons house about a third of the potential criminal population, at 160 000.

Below is an on the ground, eyes open account from inside suburbia. We South Africans need to wake up. No one is going to solve this problem for us, not the government, not the police. It's up to us to do something about our own personal safety, and the security of our loved ones, and our things. Check this out:
Where the truth lies: South Africa’s crime statistics

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