Friday, November 23, 2007

Yesterday's All Time Climate Records (South Africa)

Highest Daily Rain
Previously: 78.0mm 1983-11-28
Now: 80.0mm 2007-11-21
Location: Senekal

Highest Daily Rain
Previously: 39.5mm 1964-11-06
Now: 40.8mm 2007-11-21
Location: Cape Agulhas

Highest Daily Rain
Previously: 26.2mm 1997-11-16
Now: 46.2 2007-11-21

Highest Daily Rain
24.8mm 1996-11-19
33.0mm 2007-11-21

Highest Daily Rain
44.2mm 2001-11-19
101.0mm 2007-11-21

Highest Daily Rain
86.0mm 1976-11-23
152.4mm 2007-11-21

Highest Daily Rain
16.6mm 2001-11-19
79.2mm 2007-11-21

Highest Daily Rain
21.5mm 1976-11-23
65.0mm 2007-11-21

Highest Daily Rain
41.0mm 1980-11-30
60.0mm 2007-11-21

Highest Daily Rain
54.6mm 1995-11-21
71.8mm 2007-11-21

Highest Daily Rain
53.0mm 1960-11-12
98.0mm 2007-11-21

Highest Daily Rain
111.0mm 1996-11-21
206.0mm 2007-11-21
George Weather Office

Highest Daily Rain
82.6mm 1996-11-21
112.4mm 2007-11-21

Highest Daily Rain
37.0mm 2000-11-12
41.2mm 2007-11-21

Highest Daily Rain
51.0mm 1982-11-15
55.0mm 2007-11-21
Ladismith AWS

Highest Daily Rain
37.0mm 2000-11-17
41.6mm 2007-11-21

Lowest Maximum
16.5 2002-11-03
15.8 2007-11-21
Molteno Reservior

NVDL: I see George receive 206mm in a single day. I was in George a few weeks ago, and the farms were suffering from one of the driest periods in human memory. It had been so dry that there had been terrible veld fires, and the mountains and landscapes had turned a brittle yellow/khaki green. It doesn't help to lose out on winter rainfall altogether, then have it all made up in a single day. But climate change basically heralds unstable, chaotic, extreme weather. Droughts, floods, unusual weather. Under these conditions, life takes strain, because there is no longer an established pattern to the weather, meaning life sukkels.

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