Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Reflections: N is not for Negativity

People will say: Why are you so negative. Climate, oil prices, banks, recession. Can't you be more positive? I'm afraid if you can't see the reality, I can't provide you with a convincing reason. Take my word for it, if you are lying in a car wreck, you tend not to be thinking about TV, or shopping. Or put in another way: if you are in some serious traffic (with an anomaly of drunk drivers perhaps) and you're seeing car wrecks happening with increasingly frequency around you, BRGGGGGGGHHHH - ooooh that was close...it would be sensible to:
- turn off the radio
- turn on your lights
- make sure your seatbelt is in place

The idea in such a scenario cannot be to 'think happy thoughts' but to monitor what is going on around you; to be ALERT. Survival is serious, and the word isn't used casually here. It really is about survival, especially when species around us are dropping like flies. Especially when diseases like AIDS and H5N1 (designed specifically against human immunity) are fluctuating, and adapting. The fact is, some pretty terrifying cumulative shit is going on. So far we haven't even mentioned the shit people are doing to each other, or the shit being reflected in the sem-delusional financial markets. The 9/11 thing going nuclear is a very real daily threat. But we lose a sense of urgency because the information coming through is mixed up with Britney Spears and Reality TV.


There is just so much info that we file it all under INFOTAINMENT. But some of this shit is real. And some of that reality is starting to bite. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, this isn't a temporarily slip either. It's a permanent decline.


We are so disconnected from reality that we aren't able to see the the wood, the trees or that the forest is on fire. Right there, that thought, that goes: Oooh you are exagerating, the metaphor isn't accurate. That is faulty. Actually, although we might be able to drive home today and watch TV, and eat cornflakes tomorrow morning, that same future we've enjoyed and felt entitled to is actually rapidly dissipating.

See, human beings like you don't easily respond to threats or advice. When your parents warned you against premarital sex, did you listen? Human beings aren't easily dissauded from their appetites unless they are forced to change. Unfortunately, some scenarios are subtle. What happens is by the time the scenario has manifested in a way that behavioural change seems sensible, or can be forced, the manifestation is basically underway as a system. It's like a surfer watching a wave. Maybe you notice the wave is getting too big to ride. Problem is, you find that out only once it IS too big. So how do you avoid that? You study the surf, the wind, the patterns...you get local knowledge. Everyone knows that no one is going to do that. Hence, we will all get to see a tremendous amount of SHIT happening in our lifetimes.

When it happens, please do not get angry. Please don't blame anyone. Remember how you searched sites like this one, gleefully turning concerns into 'perspective'; YOU made them popular, wishing your wishy washy route that reality would somehow circumvent you. That sort of thinking isn't positive, it's insane.

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