Friday, November 23, 2007

Put This On Your Christmas Wishlist

Just because you take your photography seriously doesn't mean you want to tote that neck-bending DSLR everywhere. Designed as a sidearm for those who need both pro performance and portability, Canon's PowerShot G9 has most of what you get in a paparazzo-ready rig but fits in your jeans pocket. It crams a 12-megapixel sensor, optical image stabilization, and some very smart software into its rugged case. The glare-resistant, 3-inch LCD makes framing shots in the sun a cinch — no need to seek shade or put on reading glasses. And the camera's exceptionally effective face-detection skills mean your subject's smile — not her T-shirt — will be in focus.

It's quick enough to stop action on a roller coaster and captures surprisingly sharp video should you want to see every stage of your date's freak-out before she loses consciousness on the loop-de-loop. Back in your home photo lab, the G9's ability to shoot in RAW mode lets you play around with exposure settings and white balance, not to mention perform all sorts of unholy acts on an image file's color characteristics long after it's on your flash card. So even if you do manage to flub a shot, this camera can save your ass.


NVDL: I wanna get me a good Digital Video Camera, unless I can get the Sharp Viewcam fixed. The technology just seems so dated already.

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