Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Piet Byleveld: You're My Hero

‘Wily’ Beuthin no match for Byldeveld
There's something about Piet Byleveld...
Mandela Pops In To Thank Top Cop Piet Byleveld
'What took you so long?'
Piet Byleveld robbed

NVDL: Byl means ax. Makes sense doesn't it? This guy rocks. If you watch 'Solving It', you realise that we are fortunate to have a wily character, a real sleuth, pursuing criminals who are not as smart as this guy.


...The enormous response we have received from the SABC 3 audience will, we hope, pay back for all this extra effort! Solving It is entering its third season, and draws over a million viewers per episode _ and we are proud that we are able to illustrate the extraordinary work being done by the SAPS, the NPA and all its affililiates. We believe that it will reinforce and assist in building a positive image of the SAPS amongst the South African audience. We look forward to working with you in the future. ...

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