Thursday, November 29, 2007

Office Party

My day yesterday started on an unfortunate note. I was up at 4:30am, basically doing the zombie thing. Getting into cycling clothes, water bottle out of the freezer, gulped down 2 phedra cuts, while the palm tree outside my window waved to catch my attention. It looked cold and miz outside, threatening to rain but not enough to seem imminent if you catch my drift. So Alex, very unsually, sms-d that he wasn't going to ride this morning.

I hesitated in the dark. Half dressed. Then I made the crucial decision, and I have to say, a bad one. I got back into bed. The Phedra Cut did its work, accelarating my metablolism, meaning I couldn't sleep for the next 4 hours.

After a day at the office we went in a bus to the Joburg CBD. Honestly at times I felt like I was in a European city, travelling back in time. So many beautiful sandstone edifices. This is the part of the city that was the original city, when gold was coming out of the Earth, and the eye of the British Empire was fixed on this glowing part of the world.

The venue for the function was the Rand Club, one of the beautiful edifices, but in a pretty grotty part of town. The inside is lavish - membership is R5000 a year. There are big paintings of the queen inside, and a generally Victorian Colonial Ethos, you've seen it in Out of Africa: England in Africa.

The dress code was black and silver. I fitted in perfectly with my camo pants and khaki top. I didn't bother to take my own camera, or to be a social butterfly. Did meet a funny fella called Temba though, who worked in sales. Felt a bit more loosey goosey after a double whiskey. But since discretion is the better part of virtue, I'm not going to describe the good, the bad or the ugly. Suffice it to say there were generous dollops of each of these. I will put up the odd photograph through the course of the day-to-day ;-)

Got home around 11pm and slept like a baba. Today is another grey day with alas, no partying this evening, but perhaps a drink with L.

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