Friday, November 30, 2007

Mass Recall By Toyota Of Lexus Vehicles

Toyota have recalled more that 264,000 luxury passenger vehicles after it was found that they contained faulty fuel pipes. Also included in the recall were 49,000 flagship Lexus cars which were sold overseas.

The cars were recalled as the faulty fuel pipe could have caused cracks and corrosion, leading to a fuel leak. According to Toyota’s spokeswomen, 26,274 Lexus GS300, 5,429 Lexus IS250, and 2,640 Lexus !S350 have been recalled in the US, with the same models being recalled in Canada.

Although there have been no injuries, there have been 39 cases of trouble in Japan. It is not known if there are reports of problems elsewhere. This isn’t the first problem to have hit Toyota recently. Quality control problems have been the main concern for Toyota, who have promised to enhance quality checks.

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