Thursday, November 29, 2007

Link to Jenna Jameson Adidas Viral Ad (LINK)

To view the ad, go here.

Aspasia Karras:

I have just watched Jenna Jameson — trussed up in a minuscule white wife beater and a skimpy pair of shorts — take a paddle to a couple of animated men. Animated not because they are so titillated by their mistress of porn and her ministrations with the paddle, but rather because they are dressed to resemble small Japanese cartoons.

For more, go here.

NVDL: Don't blame the advertising; it's merely a reflection of what the market thinks and wants and what works at a particular point in a culture's timeline. MTV music videos are setting the trend, but maybe it all started online a few years ago, and all that intense focus is beginning to filter through.

Personally I think it's naive to be (or say that you are) surprised at the extent of the pornographisation of everything, softcore or not, from media to behaviour. What's surprising is people who say or do actually and empirically) buck this trend. It's patently obvious whether you're watching TV, walking around the mall or at work. Obviously the question of decency is another question altogether, and obviously porn is one of those factors eroding what was once The Nuclear Family and all it espoused after we left home.

Porn, the Porn Lifestyle and the Porn Mindset basically entail a shallow, meaningless, hedonistic approach to What I Want Now, as well as a culture of Something For Nothing. Getting rich and famous, for example, by being on a reality tv show. So even if you shop, if you consume, if you're into eye candy, you're a porn freak. To say otherwise or claim otherwise is to my mind being a hypocrite. The opposite of Porn is Deep, Meaningful,, with oneself and others. In a word, Integrity. Which is how we start to develop connectedness. Porn engenders the opposite, and is thus insidiously and subtly destructive.

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