Friday, November 23, 2007

Killer storm

Two dead in Joburg, southern Cape flooded — and more rain to come

Freak weather yesterday killed two people in Johannesburg and large parts of the southern Cape were devastated by floods.

Torrential storms dumped more than 200mm of rain in 24 hours, washing away roads and flooding homes and farms from Hermanus to George.

Full story here.

NVDL: I did post a weather warning on this blog yesterday, warning of some extreme weather in both the effected sites. I reckon in the future we will be watching the weather forecasts like a hawk. It will no longer be a matter of nice-to-know, but very often, critical information.

At 4pm yesterday the sky suddenly turned quite black, deju vu, a rerun based on the previous week's sudden storm. I went home at about 6:30pm (the sky had lightened up a lot by then)and found a tree about 100m from where I live blocking most of the road. Was just able to squeeze past. I dunno, think the climate could be changing? Do you really think it could be? DOH!

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