Tuesday, November 20, 2007

IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (AR4)

According to the scientists behind the latest United Nations report on climate
change, slowing and reversing global warming is the defining challenge of our
and there's not a moment to lose.

From AR4:
Please note these reports (immediately below) are still pending, but are likely to be available soon.
  1. For Summary to Policy Makers go here.
  2. For Observations: Surface and Atmospheric Climate Change go here.
  3. For Global Climate Predictions go here.
  4. For Regional Climate Projections go here.
  5. For Understanding and Attributing Climate Change go here.

Those who still throw confusing noise into the system ought to be fitted with a muffler (those things they attach to the jaws of dogs, or crocs). Meanwhile, dwell on these comments:

There's one small problem with this obsession with the economic costs of halting
global warming: it conveniently ignores the much greater cost of not halting it.

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