Monday, November 26, 2007

I Said Yes To Drugs (N)

I feel great, really great, but I would just like to know what the side-effects are (long and short term). One of the not so nice side-effects has been a sort of partial eruption of breakfast (minus the breakfast). A very nasty industrial taste. YUCCCKK!

On the plus side, I feel quite a alert, and the amount of caffeine (which induces higher metabolic activity) negates the need to dose oneself with coffee every 2nd hour.

On the downside, I feel a bit jittery and irritable. Not sure if that Is because it's a Monday, or because it's a USN induced Monday, or me? Or a combination.

I've always been a bit anti-Chemicals, including supplements, but I have felt a lot lighter and my tummy has felt a lot more loose. It could be thanks to this stuff that shifts what's inside you around as though you were a 25 year old, or it could be just that my 7 hour average exercises per week are starting to do the job. Whatever it is, the idea is Phedra Cut can help to solve a problem that a lot of 30 year old's experience: Their bodies suddenly go into slow mo metabolism, and the result is weight gain. With Phedra Cut you get to have the body of a 25 year old again.

But do you also get: [Primal shrieking, ridiculous break dancing pantomime with manic eye roll_______________________ - fill in psychotic episode here]

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