Thursday, November 29, 2007

HURRAY: Oil falls more than $3 on increased Saudi output - But then...

Fire shuts key Canada-U.S. pipeline, oil leaps $3

We're going to see this trend a lot over the near term. There's going to be this incredible demand for good news (on the energy theme), and each and every time there will be bad news to counter it. This is inevitable in the Peak Oil era, where supply is on an unassailable downward curve. It is a feature of delusion that you wish for something other than the inevitable, but it is still very human. It's the same thing believing there is life after death. Sure, we wish it were true, but wishing and wanting doesn't make dreams come true.

Oil Prices Rebound in Asian Trading

At the very least, we'll soon see a world with more bicycles, or at least, I hope we will.

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