Thursday, November 22, 2007

Global Warming = World War

Global warming and climate change effectively herald the limiting of worldwide resources. Food, land, fresh water. Even without these limits, we are rapidly coming approaching the moment when limited fuel supplies become too expensive for certain elements of a country's economy, who then become sidelined, become economic losers and then the mob, or criminals.

In South Africa the majority of crimes are perpetrated by The Unemployed Youth, who roam around in small groups or bigger gangs.

Climate Change basically places an even greater demand on energy requirements, to cool us down, to repair storm ravaged settelements etc. The future is looking less and less pretty. A good way to help out is perhaps to decide to not have children. This planet is about to do some human load shedding.

Report warns of global threat (From The

Global warming could trigger wars, economic upheaval and population shifts, scientists in Hong Kong said yesterday.
University researchers have found that “extreme” cold weather in past centuries has coincided with wars, population collapse and economic crises.

While extreme cold could lead to wars, continued global warming could result in a shortage of fresh water, land and food — and subsequent conflicts and population shifts, the university report said.

Oil Prices Steady Above $97 a Barrel

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said late Wednesday that the record high oil prices are a burden on Asian nations.
"For those of us who are not oil exporters, and we import all our oil, this is a burden which is growing," he said. "It is particularly a burden on the low-income groups, and it's also a factor in increasing the inflation rate and the cost of living for consumers in their countries."

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