Thursday, November 22, 2007


Besides the aforementioned fight of the nude dudes (sold with amusing “Austin Powers” framing), the character of Grendel’s Mother is presented as a lustful, gorgeous beast with a heavenly body and persuasive promises of satisfaction and fame upon delivery of a sexual favor. For reasons so obvious my teeth hurt, Angelina Jolie is ideal casting. Beowulf is a man of chest-thumping action and mead-swilling respect, taking thunderous pride in achievements both real and imagined. Yet, it makes sense that he would throw it all away for a taste of this gold-slicked mommy demon who can melt swords with a mere touch and a helping of sex kitten purr. Zemeckis couldn’t have cast the she-devil better if he tried.

For the rest of this EXCELLENT movie review, read Brian Ormdorf's Ohmynews article, here.

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