Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Beautiful Day In Joburg

The sky is a vivid blue, the clouds fluffy white. It's a beautiful warm day in Johannesburg today. It's one of those days, out on your lunch break, that you're tempted to make your way up to a luxury hotel's pool deck, order a few martini's (or whatever) and hang out in the company of sunshine, shadows, ice creams, lilo's, swimming pool matrixes and bikini's.

Today's exercise stats

HR ave: 141 (max 169)
Time: 1:25
KCal: 1267
Ascent: 370
Temp: 12/13/26
Speed: 30km/h ave.
Distance: 42.1km

Bought 46664 concert tickets during lunch break. Came in early today so going home now.

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