Monday, October 22, 2007

Yummy Grub (BUY IT ONLINE!)

By Jenna Wortham

Classic Scottish haggis has several variations, but a common cooking method involves stuffing oatmeal, onions, seasonings and a mixture of minced organ meats (think heart, liver, lungs) into the stomach of a sheep. That succulent sausage concoction is then simmered in water for several hours to produce the traditional treat. Pick up a couple of cans for a rainy day, and don't forget the neeps and tatties!

NVDL: Haggis is like boerewors stuffed with veggies. Not something that would work on a braai at the rugby though, although an Iron Brew with some biltong might work.


Walton said...

Vegetarian haggis is also quite common in Scotland, and it's significantly less dubious than the original, which is made with offal and often served deep fried.

And in Scotland it's Irn Bru, not Iron Brew.

Nick said...

Thanks for the heads up Bru. I've actually had the real Irn Bru in Scotland. One memorable sip was on the shores of Loch Ness. The Haggis was okay. I wondered what the fuss was about...