Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Should Bafana Bafana Be Renamed? (POLL RESULTS)

The Sowetan online ran a poll and there is a split straight down the middle. Over Almost 4500 people voted, and for a while there was a slight majority voting Yes. The question is:
1) Why rename them?
2) What would you name them?
Changing the name starts with re-establishing identity, and identity must be defined - at least in part - by purpose. I don't get the feeling that Bafana are getting the sort of buy-in that the Boks are. Maybe the team just needs to start polishing itself, go and learn some skill, and have hungry players, aggressive and passionate players selected.
Perhaps we can have an unofficial 'Barbarian Bok' soccer team, chosen by popular vote. You get these guys to play Bafana, and then if they're competitive, you chose some of these grass roots guys for the national team. And it's a great way to get the whole country involved in the soccer world cup...

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