Friday, October 26, 2007

The Next President

NVDL: Who would you suggest is a good leader [a possible presidential candidate]?

Bullard: Personally I don’t go for this Pro Poor argument. I think Tokyo Sexwale and Cyril Ramaphosa have been nurtured – admittedly by white business – but they are internationally acceptable. They’re also very acceptable for capitalists, but not very acceptable for people in rural areas who – if they’re fanned, if they’re paid enough to say it – oh no, they’ve made a fortune therefore they’re not suitable. I’m just doing an article on cars that everyone drives; they’re all driving big shiny cars. It doesn’t matter whether they’re Pro Poor, COSATU people, members of the Communist Party or not. They’re all driving cars that no one of around this table could afford. They’ve either been given them to drive – by BMW or Jeep – but they’re very happy and proud to drive around those cars. Because in Africa you win votes by driving something big and shiny.
You don’t go electioneering in a Fiat Uno. The guys say: “Right, that gives us hope for the future.”

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