Monday, October 29, 2007

Hooka Chekkah Cheetah (PICTURES)

Well it was always going to be a good weekend, and it turned out to be a feast - and I'm not talking about just food here. from the point of view of Vrystaaaters, life couldn't be better. A Bok win, the Boks in Bloem, the Boks walking around a rugby field at Grey College, and then a thrilling Currie Final - the Cheetah's finishing in a sprint to edge out the lions.

Great stuff.
I also dragged my sleep deprived corpse out of bed on a grizzly cold and windy Saturday morning for a 100km race.

Time: 2:57
HR: 159 average (171 max)
KCal: 3225
Ascent: 525
Temp: 12/15/18
Altitude avg: 1277 (1197 min/1383 max)
Distance Officially 100km, was actually about 95.7km.
Average speed: 32.3km/h

There were periods were I was giving 100% on this ride, absolute maximal effort. I'm not talking about a sprint, about pushing against a long drag after 85km, against the wind, on legs that haven't gone further than 50km in trining (once a week!). The result: I was completely whacked for the rest of the day, and the next day also.

We had dinner at the Mexican, and after 2 double whiskies I was in la la land. Outside 2nd Avenue was rocking, with lots of the goddesses on this website walking around freely...and all I wanted to go was go sleep.

Image above shows the Boks doing a lap of honour at half time. Cheetah's Juan Smith and Os held the cup to load applause.

Felt like an old man Sunday morning, but what a beautiful morning. Crisp and bright, the sun soft and light and brisk through the leftover fluff of the vigorous front that had whisked through.
Went to what used to be my Granny's old house - it's now D'Marco's - and had something to drink on the stoep. Was weird to wander through the old house, people were having lunch in what used to be her bedroom.

Watched part of the highlights again with my dad on Sunday afternoon. with 15 minutes to go the score was 18-6. We made up the deficit with Generaal de Waal not missing any of the vital kicks. Final score: 18-20 to the Cheetah's. It's great that we have Oom Leon supporting our team; we get our own song which Supersport also punts. The motorbikes, balloons, dancing girls, stetsons and overall 'House of Orange' add up to a fabulous atmosphere. I mean, it's what being a South African is all about isn't it.

Alles in die kol as die Cheetah hol.

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